Nita Mistry


Nita is a qualified and experienced osteopath and naturopath offering an integrated approach to osteopathic treatments with the emphasis on both structural and functional problems. 

Nita has treated patients from all walks of life over the last 20 years.

Previous to Nita’s osteopathic training, she was nursing and working in physiotherapy, in London hospitals and institutions. An experienced Professional, and patient focused attitude has enabled Nita to help and treat patients with differing severity of pain, and reduced mobility, for acute and chronic conditions. Nita has made her services available across London and in the Midlands. She comes highly recommended for her treatments and pain relief by patients. Over time many international patients are seen in the clinic. 

Nita has a pleasant and friendly personality, willing to listen and advise those whom seek her assistance, so that they receive the best of her skills and knowledge. Her primary aim is to get patients out of pain quickly, providing the best quality of care with effectiveness . Whilst working towards recovery and educating her patient for optimum health. 

Patients are made aware of contributory factors and events leading to their current state of health.  A wide range of painful conditions benefit from her osteopathic work. Nita offers effective treatments and solutions from both of the osteopathic and naturopathic disciplines. Nita’s long term goal is to reach out to as many people, as possible in her current practicing career.