Bio-mechanics Assessment

The foot is a complex structure of 28 different bones, 214 ligaments and 38 muscles, bearing our body weight with every step that we take.  

Bio-mechanical   assessment refers to understanding and examining of the lower limb structure, alignment, and discrepancies between limbs, strengths, and weakness.

The examination is not focused simply on the foot but includes the pelvis, legs and knees, assessing the relationship between them. The main aim of the bio-mechanical assessment is to identify specific movement patterns that  contribute  to the increased stress or load on certain part of the lower limb, and according to the findings, a tailor made management plan is drawn up for the patient. 

The benefits of Bio-mechanical Assessment

Bio-mechanical assessment is beneficial if you are experiencing pain on your feet and lower limb.

Forefoot pain : Hallux Valgus/bunion (HAV),  Osteoarthritis  of the big toe joint, capsulitis (pain on the toe joint), Morton’s Neuroma /neuritis, lesser toe deformities, and inter metatarsal pain.

Mid foot pain: Medial and lateral arch pain, mid-tarsal pain

Rear foot pain: plantar fasciitis, bursitis, enthesitis, retro calcaneal bursitis, Achilles tendinitis, medial and lateral ankle pain.

Knee and hip: Pain caused by inflammation often caused by Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis 

Our Bio-mechanical assessment includes the following:

  • Detailed weight bearing and non weight bearing analysis where the structure of the foot will be analysed by testing  range of motions  in the pedal joints and testing of muscle strength
  • Neurological testing of the lower limb anatomy
  • Gait analysis which incorporates video recording to help us reach accurate diagnoses

If our findings during the assessment show that mechanics of the foot it is the contributory factor of your lower limb pain we will offer packages of care tailored to your needs.

We also might ask for further investigations such as X-Ray, Ultrasound, MRI and CT scans.

Treatments we offer

  • You might be advised to get insoles which can be prefabricated or in case of complex bio-mechanical pathology you might be advised to have customised insoles made for your feet
  • You will be offered exercise program to help with rehabilitation of the  injury/complaint
  • Steroid injection therapy might be offered to help with inflammation
  • Extra Corporal Shock Wave Therapy treatment is mostly offered for chronic soft tissue/tendon pathology.

If we consider that conservative treatment will not be beneficial to your complaint a referral will be discussed.