Aromatherapy is a form of holistic therapy that uses essential oils to improve and balance the body, both emotionally and physically. The treatment enables the body to condense anxiety, ease depression, and boost energy levels to improve circulation and many more beneficial health cures.

Most people respond to the sense of smell on an emotional level more strongly than with any other sense.  This action involves a very complex process to do with the Limbic system; an area of the brain associated with smell and memory. The olfactory nerves are located at the forefront of the brain and are responsible for sending signals about what we smell through to the Limbic System. This sensual information is then compared to that stored within the memory and the emotional response that went with that particular smell. This reaction then triggers a variety of chemical actions within the body, including the release of specific chemicals that relaxes, calms, or stimulates both body and mind.

Essential oils and lotions from plants are used in Aromatherapy. During the massage, the patient inhales these essential oils and absorbs them through their skin.